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Over 300 Years of Experience

We are fortunate to have highly dedicated staff.

We have over 300 years of experience in the feild.


What happens at Beaufort when it rains?

Sometimes we find bugs

 What kind of bug is it?


 This is a time to pull out a book and find out.


 Child; "What does it eat".

Educator: "Let's see"

With the new Hospital being built behind us, it's a good time to learn about pulleys.

This is a great way to also learn about taking turns and sharing.

Children also have the opportunity to collaborate on a joint goal

Of Course rain means puddles.

Which is a great opportunity to learn the science of volume and measurement

How much will fill this big bucket?

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On Oct 18th, 2014, we celebrated our 20 year history and serving the Comox Valley.



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We will be celebrating our 20th year of operation, on Oct 18th

anniversary logo

Please join us in the NIC Cafeteria at the Tyee Hall from 10:00am to noon.



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Tod mud kit2

The Toddlers have a new mud kitchen.